Healing Circle

A place for the exchange of healing energies

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Need healing? Want to do some healing work? Post your healing requests here or come here to do healing work on others. Be sure and let them know what you've done by commenting on their post. If you feel you've been helped in some way by the work someone has done on you here, be sure and post some feedback for them.

Feel free to come here and do random healing work or to schedule healing time with people, although scheduling is not neccessary. This is a Healing Circle--the intent is for healing energies to be in constant flow. If you post here, you are granting permission for others to do their own brand of healing work on you. When and how they do it is up to them. Belief systems are irrelevant here. There will be no debating healing techniques or belief systems here--go do that somewhere else. If you post a request here, then you must be receptive to whatever form of healing/prayer/energy/intent is directed at you. Gratitude is a must.