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It's been quiet here, I blame myself.

So, I have an idea.  I am into altar building lately.  An altar, to me, is a visual prayer.  My altars are not an offering to any god, they are not a device to summon power, no sacrifices are performed there.  For me, my altars are an expression of my intent and desire.  I have decided to build a Healing Circle altar.  It will take me awhile to complete it (and I'll be working on it forever, I suspect) but, in the meantime, you can request to be added into the altar.  By being added you are accepting my healing intentions for you.  I will meditate on the altar when I have the time and energy.  I will focus healing energy on the healing requests that I collect there.

What I need is for you to comment here with your name (fake or otherwise) and whatever else you'd like to add.  If you prefer to send me something with a little more of You in it--like your name written in your own hand--just email me at genielorene@gmail.com and I'll send you my PO box number.  You can mail me a slip of paper with your name (full, not full, whatever) and it will go into the circle.  No return addresses are necessary and I vow that your information and anything you send me will remain absolutely private.  I will find a special box or container of some sort for the healing requests I collect.  All names/requests will go into that box which will be placed on the altar.  

Pictures of the altar will be posted as soon as I get enough of it put together.  Healing requests will be accepted indefinitely, and you can send more than one.  Send all you need, but do try to keep the slips of paper somewhat small.  No letters please.  These all have to fit in a box on the altar and I won't have room for pages and pages of healing requests.  Besides, I don't need to know what's wrong, all I need is a name that is associated with you so that the healing energy can be directed at you.  Photos are MOST welcome, even preferred.  If I run out of room in the box, I'll get a bigger box or I will bury older requests outside in my yard where I have a Sacred Circle (sounds much fancier than it looks).  

Since this idea is just a baby, I'm open to comments, suggestions, and critiques of my plan.  Cross-posting everywhere.

Love and light to you all.

Bestfriend needs healing

Paige, my beautiful dog has terrible arthritis in her spine. It has caused sciatica. She is not able to use the stairs and will lose her footing frequently. She will be 13 next month. Her spirits are always high. She needs healing.
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If you scroll down you'll see a photo of four women and a giant bunny.  Lisa, the one in the light blue shirt, crossed over tonight.  I know her sisters are hurting.  This has been a long and rough journey for them all.  Lisa left behind her beloved, college aged son Daniel.  He's alone in the world now with no siblings and no parents.  If you are doing some healing or prayer work soon, please remember the sisters and Daniel.  Thank you.

Healing for a Friend

I have a friend that I met through my job at the nursing home. She is a 50 yr old woman with MS. She had a healing session with Dr. Nemeh. He has has many miracles of people being instantly healed. She was dissappointed when she was not instantly healed. I remind her that the healing continues inside her body. I would like to have you all send her healing prayers. I know that we can only bring about positive results.
Thanks and love to all!!!
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Welcome New People!

Please don't wait, jump in!  Do some healings, request healings, it's a circle, it's keeping the energy flowing.  Anyone who posts here automatically grants permission for healing work to be done on them.  

Apologies for my not having done any healings recently.  I hope to jump back into the circle soon, just been feeling kind of drained.  Alas, who doesn't feel that way?

Namaste everybody!

Request for Healing

I want request healing for a close friend of mine. His name is Mark. He is 43 yrs. old and lives here in Charleston, WV.
He is currently going through a rough period. He has been diagnosed with COPD (cardio obstructive pulmonary disease). He has been sick for the past couple of weeks with a chest cold that keeps him coughing and wheezing and he's also running a fever. I've tried to get him to go see a Dr. but so far he has not because he does not have the money to do so. I've been sending him healing but as of today, it seems he's only getting worse. I'm very worried about him. I appreciate anything anyone does to help. I'll attach a photo of Mark.


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A CAT scan today revealed two tumors on Lisa's liver.  If you are in a mood to do some long distance work, please send some good energy to her and her sisters.  The sisters will need all the energy they can get to survive losing their sister, and Lisa will need all the energy she can get to be peaceful and comfortable  during this time.  See the previous post for a photo of Lisa and some of the sisters.