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Healing Circle Update


Circle3.jpg picture by Mezmera

So above, all things are circles, round, or hands. My symbols work for me thusly:  
 Hands mean healing and mean reaching out and touching people.  
Spheres and circles represent the oneness of us all.  It is my belief  that we all came from one place, we were once all one color (black and beautiful), we left our homes in waves to see what the world had in it and even though we spread out and lost track of each other, it doesn't change the fact that we started out in the same place. We've all evolved, I hope, but not away from our roots.  We are one.  We come from Source.  The sphere represents source and symbolizes that life is a circle.  My belief is that we only circle Source, we are in constant orbit, but we never separate from Source therefore we never separate from anything.  All the things on my altar remind me of healing and connectedness.  Inside the box are all the healing requests I have received, some of you are even in there twice.  I am still taking healing requests, by the way.  Plenty of room in the box.

  I sit with the box, I put my hands over it, and I direct Reconnective Healing energy into us all inside and through that box.  That's why the origami pieces have been tucked inside it.  They were missing out on the hands-on stuff.  Now they get a full dose when everyone else does.

I use no chants, spells, or written symbols.  Only these focal points to help me remember what I'm about.  The "active ingredient" is the energy healing done with my hands.  Since the requests came from you, for me it is as if each slip of paper is connected directly to you and I trust Source to transfer that healing on to you.  

Sometimes, if I'm too tired to do the work, I will open the box (it's normally closed) and play healing cd's.  Holy Harmony is my favorite, I don't have to believe in Jesus as the Messiah to believe he healed and Holy Harmony is a totally hypnotic chant of his name in Hebrew.  There are chimes that are struck during the chant and tuning forks are used.  I love this music and believe it can heal if for no other reasin than it's just so dang pretty.  Dr. Emoto swears beautiful music can heal us on a molecular level, I believe it.

Round fish bowl-- gray and Kosher salt
Brown coconut and bamboo tray --  Texas Mountain Laurel Seeds (reminds me of the incredible potential within us all)
Round mesquite bowl with lid -- matches
Clear baby vase -- incense and a stick pin to put my candles out w/less smoke
Green bowl with candle -- full of sand, burns tea lights, great for extinguishing matches
Small white dish holds one grapevine star to remind me  of oneness as it can be drawn with one line and is like a circle in that it is never-ending.
Silver spider web on metal disk, simply to remind me yet again of interconnectedness.
Black stone with hand inscribed into sits inside a Picture Jade mala style bracelet
Heavy heavy iron hand holds Picture Jade Sphere

The Healing Circle box contains Origami pieces sent to me by someone here to represent specific people they want healing for.  It holds all the printed and/or written requests I have received.  It contains two sachets, each containing herbs that are powerful antiseptics and antibiotics.  I took the clove out, needed it in my new tarot box, but sprinkle the healng circle box sachets with clove oil as it is also a powerful antiseptic. When I find a doller on the ground, it goes into the box because so many of us are wanting healing when it comes to our financial lives!  It also contains a sterling silver square that says I LOVE YOU!  And I think that's a good mesage for us all.

Circle4.jpg picture by Mezmera

The altar sits directly below this abstract painting made by a friend of mine.  It makes me think of an ocean wave which reminds me, yet again, of oneness.  It's at the perfect height for me to sit in a chair in front of my altar and stare at the painting although my eyes usually get caught on the "crystal" ball.  It sits on a mirror because I like the infinity affect.  I use the bell you see below to ring over the requests before I start.  It just gets me in the mood and I like to think it works like a broom, clearing out the negativity and creating a positive space for the healing work.  In my head, as I ring it, I'm saying, "Wake up, wake up, wake up, we've got work to do."

AltarPicture.jpg picture by Mezmera

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