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Healing Circle Update

Although reading Deathly Hallows this weekend has slowed me down, and so will the trip I'm taking this week, I AM working on the Healing Circle altar. Here's where I'm at and, by the way, I'm beyond delighted bythe responses from everybody.  Thank you!   This is a really fun project for me and I'm going to enjoy it immensely. I can hardly wait to meditate with the completed Circle! And "Circle" is the theme for this altar.... a tricky theme as it turns out.

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What I currently have set up until I can get the altar I have in mind put together.  All requests are stacked here under the candle and heart shaped stone, the runes (some of my favorites for healing, strength, fortune, and protection) form the current "circle" for the Healing Altar.  Please don't be alarmed if you see a rune that you feel is inappropriate here.  My rune interpretations are rather untraditional and this rune set and all runes that I draw by hand or stamp are "programmed" with my interpretations and meaning.

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Okay, this is my first attempt at Mod Podge.  I wanted a decent receptacle for the healing requests.  This box will be it for now.  I chose a theme of wind, sky, clouds, and stars for the box.  And the box is a circle, naturally.  It's still wet, the glue isn't even dry on it.  You can see blotches of wet, white, glue.  But I wanted to shoot it before it got any later.  I need to go to bed!

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The interesting thing about wind and air is that we all breathe the same air.  We see the same stars.  And many of us even see the same clouds.  The clouds are made from water vapor which is contunually recycled on our little blue planet.  The air, the water, the clouds--they are yet another thing that connects us.  A continuous circle of life that we are connected with always in all ways.... so long as we are corporeal on this planet at any rate.

I'll update again next week or maybe the week after.  This may be as far as I get on the Healing Circle altar this week.  Namaste!

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